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Adolescent Treatment

It is common practice based on "old-time orthodontic rationale" for parents, dentists and orthodontists to delay orthodontic treatment until most of a child's permanent teeth have erupted, usually around age twelve.  For some children who only have crooked teeth and no visibly observable facial skeletal deformities, this delay presents no problems.  For those with more complicated problems, often the result of habits, mouth breathing or jaw deformities, waiting until the deformity has been "set in concrete" is neither wise nor in the best interest of the child. These dentofacial abnormalities are not self-correcting and must be addressed at a much earlier age in life for best results.  

Although Dr. Rider prefers to see children at a much earlier age to help them solve problems that lead to a healthier lifestyle and good dentofacial development, he continues to treat children and adults of all ages to the highest standards of the American Board of Orthodontics.  Please call for an initial FREE examination and Dr. Rider will give you his analysis based on forty years of intense study of dentofacial growth and development and orthodontic treatment.  This exam will include a treatment protocol, duration and cost of treatment and an invitation to join the Pursuit of Excellence Club.

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