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All About Braces

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a perfect time to test your dedication to personal responsibility and integrity and commitment to your own personal health. Your job as a patient, if your health and well being are important to you, is to be the best patient in the history of orthodontics. The job of the orthodontist is to be both your coach and referee. Much like an athlete, musician or artist, you determine the quality of the result. To be the best, you must commit to being the best!

Brushing and Flossing

We are strongly committed to making you a world class oral hygiene expert, expecting (demanding) your home care be above reproach. Everything you do in life is a reflection of your commitment to excellence. Once you are fitted with braces, your attitude and response toward excellence in oral hygiene must be a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Good oral hygiene habits begin but never end with braces. If you follow my instructions, you can thank me later in your life.

Eating with Braces

In my office, orthodontic treatment is a training ground for developing good health habits, so listen carefully. During orthodontic treatment, you must alter your diet. Eat absolutely NO SUGAR in any form. Sugar is the most addicting food on the planet and the most destructive to your health. Dental decay is way down the list of diseases related to intake of sugar (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer obesity). Get the picture? It's not pretty. Now is the time to take charge, not after you contract these diseases.

Abstinence from sugar for a lifetime will be a difficult choice but poison is poison no matter it's shape or form.
If you elect to have orthodontic treatment in my office, we can talk about the other forms of food to avoid.

Sore or loose teeth

Your teeth are held in place by delicate little fibers that connect the roots to the jaw bone. When you apply a force to the teeth, the pain elements within these fibers complain to the brain and you feel pain. The gentler the force,
the less pain, so we use very specially designed, delicate wires to minimize the discomfort. With light forces, there is less disruption of the connecting fibers, thus the root attachments are more firm with less loosening of teeth 
and substantially less pain. 

Loose brackets and sticking wires

Brackets are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive. If you eat the wrong foods (sticky, hard foods) or chew ice, the brackets may pop off or the arch-wire will break or bend. If this happens, know why it happened.  Call the office and we will fix the problem right away.  Persistent problems like this only prolong treatment and challenge your commitment to excellence.  Be aware that you are in charge of the length of your treatment.

Rubber Band Wear

Your teeth respond to the forces placed on them by the arch-wires attached to the brackets on your teeth over which you have no control. The teeth also move when you apply a force like rubber bands. When you are asked
to wear rubber bands, 100% of your treatment progress is in your hands. We are trusting you to fully do your part. On a 1-to-10 level (10 being excellence, i.e. 24x7 changing 3 times a day), 10 is the only score that is acceptable, revealing your intention to be fully cooperative.  Wearing rubber bands (elastics) can be compared to rolling a 
ball up a hill.  When you let go, the ball rolls back down the hill.  If you do not wear your rubber bands 24/7 as
directed, no progress is being made and treatment takes forever, at least it seems like forever. 


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