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Dr. Rider’s charity and community service involvement includes his commitment to children born with craniofacial deformities such as cleft lip/cleft palate.  He currently sponsors a free Charlotte-based Cleft lip/Craniofacial Clinic in his office combining the expertise of a plastic surgeon, ear, nose and throat physician, speech therapist, orthodontist and audiologist to provide these children and their parents with a comprehensive, well-informed synopsis of the treatment needs and longterm expectations of their care.  

Dental care in Honduras, Bolivia, and Roofing in Jamaica

Working as a member of the Dilworth Rotary Club, he has helped provide dental care for orphans and street children in Bolivia and Honduras, instrumental in adding the decay preventative fluoride for the Bolivian people as an additive to salt (due to lack of safe drinking water).  He also provided roofing for the restoration of 180 homes in the hurricane-ravaged jungle of Jamaica.

Dental Clinic for Ecuador

As a part of the 1990-2005 Dilworth Rotary dental mission era to Bolivia led by the late Dr Clyde Horstman, Dr Ernie Rider, a member of the team, purchased a dental trailer from the Cabarrus county health department in 2001 with hopes the trailer could be transported to an outpost in the hinterlands of Bolivia to provide dental care to an area of the country unserved by the dental profession. Unfortunately the dental equipment on the trailer required 110 volt electrical power and all of Bolivia ran on 220 volt electricity. The cost of a compatible transformer was way too expensive.

As a result, Dr Rider emailed several rotary clubs in South America offering to work with a club in a country with 110 volt electricity willing to support an effort to find a proper location for the dental trailer. Juan Prince, President of the Rotary club of Quito, Ecuador made a positive response and, although it took over two years to conquer the red tape of two countries, the US Airforce delivered the trailer to the red-cross of Quito, Equador. It was installed in a section of the city unserved by the local dental community and continues in that capacity today. A delagation of Dilworth Rotarians flew to Quito to celebrate the dedication of the trailer. Following the dedication, the Dilworth Rotary group toured the Galapagos Islands.

Charlotte Cleft Palate Team

Through the long term efforts of Dr Ernie Rider, the Charlotte Cleft Palate team was formed over thirty years ago headquartered at Charlotte Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation center.  Unfortunately in 2011 the now, Carolinas Medical Center organization elected to terminate it’s support of these clinics. Dr Rider tried unsuccessfully  to  recruit the Novant Hospital Association to underttake support and elected to conduct these free clinics as a gift to the community in his orthodontic office, evaluating fifteen children each month. The current team consists of plastic surgery, ent, orthodontics, speech therapy, audiology and social service. These highly trained specialists evaluate and develop a treatment plan , discuss their findings together and  communicate their findings to the parents and  the patients personal physicians and dentists to keep them abrest of the care being rendered. Cleft lip and palate and other congenital craniofacial defects occur in about one in seven hundred live births and require comprehensive, long term care by these medical and dental specialists committed to providing state of the art treatment.

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