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Health Oriented Orthodontics

In general, most people think of the orthodontist as the plastic surgeon of the dentition, taking abnormally positioned teeth and jaws and creating well aligned teeth and a beautiful smile. That is a true skill and expectation of all orthodontists. Orthodontics is an exercise in excellence and at Rider Orthodontics our patient oriented focus
is much broader than just excellence in straight teeth and a wonderful smile. Our focus is coaching and training our patients to develop an attitude that leads to a "pursuit of excellence" in every facet of their lives in order to be the best they can be as human beings.

This health oriented approach requires training in devotion to all aspects of their general health and lifestyle. This includes diet, exercise, proper breathing technique, emotional growth toward maturity, loyalty, trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, responsible behavior, compassion for others, good study habits and determination to never give up on their dreams. These are all the qualities that will allow them to become the best person they can be as happy well adjusted human beings if they truly follow the pathway to excellence. The vehicle we use is Dr. Rider's Pursuit of Excellence Club.

Dental Tips for Dental and Orthodontic Health

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