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Insurance Claims


Orthodontic Insurance for routine orthodontics treatment:


Not all dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage. You must specifically request coverage. If you have orthodontic insurance for yourself or your children check with your insurance carrier about the level of coverage. All orthodontic insurance plans have a lifetime maximum coverage ranging from $750 to $2000. Check your premium rate to determine if, over time, the coverage is worthwhile.

Please understand you are responsible for payment of the orthodontic treatment fee and your insurance only covers 20-30 % of the cost.

At Dr. Rider’s office we accept most insurance plans and will help you maximize your coverage. However you must understand your insurance coverage is limited by your carrier.


Medical Insurance for Congenital Craniofacial Defects:


Orthopedic/orthodontic treatment for children born with congenital  craniofacial defects like cleft lip/cleft palate is legally covered by your medical insurance policy. Be prepared to “go to war” if necessary to receive proper coverage. We have a long convincing, successful history of helping parents understand  how to maximize their medical benefits in this area of medically indicated orthodontic treatment. Dr. Rider was instrumental in the passage of legislature in both North and South Carolina that clearly mandates medical coverage of orthodontic treatment for children born with congenital craniofacial defects. 

NC: GS 58-51.30

SC: Code of Law 38-71-240

For further information feel free to call 704-366-8936 

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