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Orthopedic Orthodontics

Dr. Rider has over 40 years of experience as a practicing orthodontist.  He is a leader in many fields which affect orthodontics including the list below. 

Orthopedic orthodontics is also known as Orthotropics, Craniodontics, Dentofacial Orthopedics and Reconstructive Orthopedic Orthodontics. This bone remodling technology focuses on important health issues associated with the structural components of the face and jaws by improving facial developmental health related to nasalized breathing. This allows the child's genetic dentofacial potential to be fully realized, thus improving the quality of life for the child.

The modern American diet is not compatible with the sensitive intranasal, tonsillar and adenoid tissues of the growing child, creating an immune reaction that blocks the normal flow of air through the nose, forcing the child to breathe through their mouth. Mouth breathing adversely affects a child's facial development and has many harmful health consequences, the significance of which can be substantial if not corrected early in life. Dr. Rider has been
a master of detection and correction of mouth breathing problems in children and adults for over thirty years.

If you have a concern, please call 704-366-8936 for a free evaluation.

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