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Dr Rider’s Pursuit of Excellence Club. (The gift that keeps on giving)

Orthodontic treatment is an opportunity for Dr. Rider's patients to experience a personal challenge that directly affects them for the rest of their lives. Membership in Dr. Rider's Pursuit of Excellence Club is an open invitation for his patients to focus and commit to excellence in every aspect of their lives now and forever using their daily commitment to excellence in their orthodontic treatment as a measure of their dedication to being the "best they can be" like an Olympic athlete GOING FOR THE GOLD!

The Pursuit of Excellence Pledge

I_____________________pledge that everything I do, say or think will be a reflection of my intense devotion to integrity, honesty and responsible behavior as a commitment to a Pursuit of Excellence as a life choice using my response to orthodontic treatment as a guide and a measurement of that Pursuit of Excellence.

Signed:             Date:


Affirmations and actions required to monitor and govern your Pursuit of Excellence.

Pledge: Giving your word as a definition
Of your intent to commit to a worthy cause or life purpose.
Commitment: Your stated obligation and assurance of an intention to perform at the highest level of your ability at all times in everything you think, say or do.
Excellence: Superior achievement as a result of your clear, unclouded dedication to a worthy purpose.
Integrity: Your adherence to high moral and ethical principles in everything you think, say or do.
Honesty: Your truthfulness, free of deceit or fraud in everything you think, say or do.
Responsibility: Your obligation to be dependable and accountable for everything you think, say, or do.

I plan to use my orthodontic treatment as a reference point in the future.
Whether it’s school, band practice or a big heap of homework, my lessons
of self-control will help my pursuit of excellence.  CHRIS

When I got my retainer it was really my first responsibility.  I have many
obstacles ahead of me and all I can do is try my hardest and hope to pursue
excellence.  KATHERINE

I plan to implement a pursuit of excellence in all aspects of my life by always
trying my best!  My orthodontic treatment is a starting point for me.  I am going
for the gold!!!!!!!!!!!  KELLY

My orthodontic treatment is an opportunity for me to have straight teeth, a beautiful
smile and an extra boost of self-confidence.  It also teaches me that to succeed
in life I must live up to my highest potential.  CARRIE

Pursuit of excellence means going for our goals –- like not getting cavities, no broken
brackets, brush every day, use fluoride and floss. MAX
Excellence is something that can only be achieved if you put forth your absolute best
effort in each and everything you do.  Eventually I will be able to do my best all the time
after I have built up enough responsibility to take the little things seriously. STEPHANIE
To be successfully in life I can’t have my parents being responsible or me. I will have
to learn to take care of myself. MIKE
I can’t have certain foods like popcorn and sticky candy.  That is a responsibility I will
have to undertake by myself and is preparing me for other bigger responsibilities I will
have later in life. GRACIE

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