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Resolution of TMJ dysfunction, Jaw, Neck and Head pain

Not all TMJ dysfunction and pain problems are alike therefore, each problem must be evaluated carefully by an experienced and knowledgeable clinician. Jaw pain for many people can occur on occasion and resolve without treatment. Those having persistent, long-term pain need professional attention.

Since most TMJ pain problems arise from stress in the jaw muscles, the key to solving the problem is managing the factors that create that stress. The work of a well schooled physical therapist may be all that is required. Some my need a neuromuscular splint to keep the jaw muscles happy. If the problem is related to a bony damage within the jaw joints (a more serious condition) diagnosis and treatment may require the services of a rheumatologist along with balancing the muscle forces that control jaw posture and function with a neuromuscular splint.

If you have questions about TMJ disorders call my office for an appointment for guidance as to how best to manage your concern.

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